Mexican Therapeutic

80 MIN
The session of this therapy consists of a relaxation body massage, with the application of COPAL essential oil. Mobilizes muscle contractures and detoxifies the physical body, relieves tension and emotional pain.

Ear Cleansing

50 MIN
The perfect way to clean excess earwax in our ears. Thanks to a cone of linen bathed in wax that is placed in the ear hole by means of combustion, which produces a vacuum that enters the auditory canal and heats the cerumen.

Massage with hot rocks

70 MIN
Thermal and energetic therapy with relaxing effect, through which we can achieve a balance of the chakras that govern our body, by means of thermotherapy. It is a perfect harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Deep Muscle Massage

70 MIN
With very deep movements this massage is responsible for draining the accumulated fatigue, by means of stretching and tension points.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

70 MIN
With slow, rhythmic and gentle manipulations we stimulate the same lymphatic system that runs parallel to the blood system, taking toxins of higher molecular weight, which the blood can not. Detoxifies and oxygenates our body.